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Requirements for Visa Application

1. Office hours of Visa Section: 0900 -- 1200, Monday to Friday except for holidays and those notified by the Consular Section.

2. Basic requirements for a tourist or business visa:

2.1 For leisure, family or friend, and business visit, the applicants need to submit:

— 2.1.1 Valid passport with minimum 6-month validity and two full blank visa pages

— 2.1.2 Photocopy of NRC or work permit (foreigner applicable)

— 2.1.3 Visa Form V.2013, affixing one recent photograph, and the information given on the visa form should be correct, complete and true, while the photograph should not be larger than 55mm*44mm and not smaller than 50mm*40mm. Two forms and two photos required for a USA passport holder.

— 2.1.4 Proof of applicant's personal financial standing, e.g. copy of detailed bank statement in the last 3 months, saving account passbook, etc.

— 2.1.5 Proof of applicant's present occupation, e.g. employment letter, business registration certificate, salary slips, etc

— 2.1.6 Personal interview by visa officer with the first time Chinese Visa applicants or those who apply for over 30 days' duration


2.2 Besides the above-mentioned requirements,

2.2.1 For leisure visit, the applicant also needs to submit:

— 2.2.2 Proof of the proposed leisure visit to Mainland China, e.g. receipt of joining a package tour

— 2.2.3 Proof of company leave letter (if any)

— 2.2.4 Receipt of hotel booking

— 2.2.5 Proof of transportation arrangement, e.g. flight itinerary


 2.3 For family or friend visit, the applicant also needs to submit:

— 2.3.1Proof of transportation arrangement, e.g. flight itinerary

— 2.3.2 Proof of acquaintance and relationship with local connection or relative

— 2.3.3 Photocopy of the local connection or relative's ID card

— 2.3.4Proof of local connection or relative's present occupation and personal financial standing

— 2.3.5Physical Examination Report


2.4  For business visit, the applicant also needs to submit:

— 2.4.1 Proof of the proposed business visit to Mainland China, e.g. letter issued by the applicant's employing company to confirm his/her proposed business activities in Mainland China

— 2.4.2 Invitation letter issued by a local company (original copy)

— 2.4.3 Or letter issued by a trade body to confirm the applicant's attendance at trade fairs and exhibitions (original copy).

— 2.4.4 Physical Examination Report for the applicant who wants to stay in Mainland China over 30 days.

3. For those applying for work or student visas, they are required to obtain an official visa application form issued by an authorized department concerned in China and Foreigner Physical Examination, In addition,

— 3.1 A Work Permit from the Chinese Labor Ministry or Certificate from the State Bureau of Foreign Experts is required for the work visa applicants

— 3.2 An admission letter from the qualified University is required for the student visa applicants.

4. Processing time: The Visa processing takes 5 working days (One Week).

5. Collection: Your bank receipt is needed for collection.

6. Validity and duration of a visa:

A single or double entry visa is normally valid for 3-6 months, and multiple-entry for 6 months, from the date of issue, duration of each stay of a tourist visa is normally from 3 days to 30 days from the date of entry, and can be extended in China.

7. Notes:

a) Visa may be issued only if the Visa Officer is satisfied with the application. The Visa Officer reserves the right to reject an application or cancel an issued visa

b) Application may be withdrawn, but fees are not refundable.

c) To assist in the efficient processing of your application, you are kindly requested not to make inquiries concerning the progress of your case.

d) Fake document will result in one-year's refusal to entry into Mainland China.


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